Mafia Wars Cheats

At the time of this writing (2012/05/18) I am a Level 1241 2399 Maniac. I have a crazy amount of cash in the bank in most all cities. And my character has an arsenal of weapons large enough to fight a country. There are 278 809 reward points in my account. And no, not one of these reward points was purchased.

The purpose of giving you all this statistics from my account is NOT to brag. Rather just point out the fact that I have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours playing Mafia Wars. So whether you are a seasoned mafioso wanting to strengthen your grip on your cities. Or a low level hoodlum just starting out. I hope you will learn something of value.

Mafia What?
Just starting out? Be warned – Mafia Wars is a very simple yet extremely addicting game. If you end spending more than just a few minutes trying to figure things out, you will be hooked. And once you are hooked you will enjoy spending hours playing this game. Yes, it is that good.

Now if you are only playing the game to pass some downtime. You can go ahead and play anyway you like. It is a great free way to burn through a lot of time. However, if you are looking to build a huge mafia so you can outgun your friends you will need to follow a more strategical approach.

How does one do that? Simple! Just follow the plan I’ve put together for you and your criminal organization will flourish and grow quickly. Leaving your friends scratching their heads wondering how you built this huge mafia so quickly.

Mafia Wars Cheats
In console based gaming, “cheats” typically refer to hidden codes or sequence of keys. Activating these cheats gives you an unfair advantage. Whether it is unlimited ammunition or invincibility. The purpose of these cheats is to make your game play easier.

Since it is a browser based game, in mafia wars, any cheats or loopholes that are discovered are usually patched relatively quickly by the game’s makers. Just because there are fewer loopholes doesn’t mean that you can’t play smarter.

In fact I have built my whole mafia empire in 1/10th the amount of time it would normally take.

So even though Mafia Wars cheats are different – they pretty much serve the same purpose. To make the game easier and more enjoyable to play. Think of cheats for mafia wars as more of a play smarter strategy guide than the usual hidden cheat codes like traditional games.

The Mafia Wars cheats, tips and tricks on this website will help you level up faster. Reach the magic 501 mafia size and acquire high end weaponry and collection items amongst other things.

Update: After taking a long hiatus from Mafia Wars, I’m back to running my crime syndicate! :)

I’m starting to put together a detailed manual on a lot of things related to Mafia Wars that I previously mentioned. If you’d like to see something in particular, drop me a line and let me know will you?